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More Than A Church Drop Out

More than a Church Drop Out

February 26, 2022

The transition to high school and life after high school can often see a drifting away from meaningful and consistent church involvement by teens and young adults. This session will present ways to help students discover their gifts and abilities to promote healthy long-term assimilation into the body of Christ. Read More

Helping Kids With Anxiety

Helping Kids with Anxiety

Anxiety has taken our culture by storm and is among the top concerns for teens today. During this breakout, we will cover how to come alongside your kids and help them work through their anxiety. Read More

Discipline Deconstructed

Discipline Deconstructed

Why is what I’m doing not working?! In this breakout, you will learn practical tools to help you become aware of your parenting values and help you make value-based changes in your parenting strategy. Read More

Parenting Thru The Phases

Parenting Thru the Phases

Is your parenting changing along with your kids as they grow older? Parenting a 10-year-old looks a lot different than parenting a 3-year-old. We want to help you to be intentional about shepherding your children through each stage of life to make a positive impact and influence their future in ...Read More

Help And Hope In A Sex Saturated Culture

Help and Hope in a Sex-Saturated Culture

In this session, we will cover the impact of a sex-saturated culture on families and marriages, how to have an open conversation with your kids, and provide an overview of the resources we have available to you at Northwoods. Read More

Perfect Parenting

Perfect Parenting

With so many opinions and ideas around what is best for our children the pressure to be “the perfect parent” is real. But the truth is, your kids are your kids for a reason. In this session Jeff will talk about how to stop the cycle of perfectionism and replace ...Read More

Scream Free Parenting (ages 2 10)

Scream Free Parenting (Ages 2-10)

Ever wonder how your 3-foot, 25-pound bundle of energy can shatter all of your parenting confidence? This seminar will teach you how to train your child to be a self-assured and respectful human being. Learn how to encourage first-time obedience, deal with temper tantrums, whining, talking back, and how to ...Read More

Parenting Through Tough Seasons

Parenting Through Tough Seasons

Whether it’s a divorce, grief and loss, a challenging child, a life controlling issue, etc. there is hope. God can use the most difficult chapters of our lives to bring us the greatest blessings. You can find strength and hope for the journey when life Is broken. Read More

Tech Talk Q&a

Tech Talk Q&A

Join us for a discussion with several parents, including our digital innovation pastor, Jason Lee, for a Q&A all about children and the world of technology! Read More