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Elemental Group Study

Over the next 5 weeks, your group will learn more about Northwoods' values and how you can live them out both at church and in the community. These values express the DNA of Northwoods Community Church. Each week, your group will learn more about each value through teaching and discussion.

God Is... Strong

Session 1

Our pulse tells us how our heart is beating, and when we have God’s pulse we live with an evangelistic heartbeat. From day one, Northwoods has been about reaching people who are far from God. Methods may change, but our heartbeat for reaching broken-world people must never change. Read More

God Is... Strong

Session 2

Northwoods is fiercely committed to the authority of God’s Word, and we’re also desperately dependent upon the guidance and gifting of the Holy Spirit. A beautiful blend is happening as we trust the Word and the Spirit. Read More

God Is... Strong

Session 3

The whole story of the Gospel is not only that my sins may be forgiven so I can go to heaven later, but also that the power of sin can be broken in my life so that I am able to walk in freedom now! Indeed, Jesus came to set ...Read More

God Is... Strong

Session 4

God wants every follower of Jesus to know he has given us gifts and power to make a difference. We can tap into that power on a daily basis now, plus we can push forward to develop our gifts and discover further expressions of the power available to us. Read More

God Is... Strong

Session 5

Helen Keller was once asked, “What could be worse than being born blind?” Her answer, “To have sight and no vision.” Without vision, we risk remaining absorbed in our own small worlds. But with a grander vision we begin to see what Jesus called “the fields ripe for harvest.” We ...Read More