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Beating the Holiday Blues

It’s important to remember that Christmas time can bring not only great expectations of happiness and memory-making but also painful memories and heartache. So, let’s embrace the opportunity to enfold one another into our joy and celebration this year!

The Blues of Emotional Fractures

December 9, 2018

The joy of the first Christmas also led to great pain and suffering. How do we process our sadness and losses in light of the joy of Christmas? Let’s learn some important practices that will sustain us through troubling times Read More

The Blues of Spiritual Fog

December 2, 2018

How do you stay faithful to God when it feels like he’s let you down? How do you obey him when it feels like his way makes no sense? Let’s learn how to walk in faith through things we don’t understand and which may ...Read More

The Blues of Dysfunctional Families

November 25, 2018

Mary and Joseph were welcomed on their return to their hometown with a warm room in a nice house. No, wait! Actually, they were instead sent out back with the animals. From their story, let’s learn how to deal with rejection by those close to us. Read More