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Christmas is FORgiving

During the Christmas season, it’s natural to feel warm appreciation for those closest to us. It’s also a time when it’s easy to feel the pain of relationships that aren’t as they ought to be. Let’s learn how to lay aside the pain and disappointment in our lives that may have been caused by others so that we can experience the inner peace God wants us to know. Let’s discover the wonderful truth that Christmas really is forgiving!

Christmas is ForGiving: Enjoying the Peace

December 17, 2017

When we give the gift of forgiveness, God replaces the pain in our hearts with healing and peace. So, let’s make this Christmas the greatest ever and give the one gift that matters most. Read More

Christmas is ForGiving: Understanding the Protocol

December 10, 2017

Jesus gave us a specific process for practicing forgiveness that cancels torment and releases us into a life of peace and freedom. Read More

Christmas is ForGiving: Clearing the Pathway

December 3, 2017

Before we can forgive anyone, we must prepare our hearts and clear out the clutter of the enemy’s lies that delay, divert, or distract us from God’s reasons and our responsibility to forgive. Read More

Christmas is ForGiving: Unlocking the Prison

November 26, 2017

When we don’t forgive, we make our hearts into a prison. We bind ourselves to our wounds, increase our pain, andinvite torment—and we lock the door to God’s healing power. Forgiveness unlocks the door, expels the torment, and ushers in the peace and joy ...Read More