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The elements form the basic building blocks of our physical world, acting alone and in endless combinations. Similarly, our core values express the most foundational motivators of our actions, our strengths, and our shared convictions as a local church. As we go about our mission of inviting broken-world people to experience complete freedom in Christ Jesus, these values express the deepest bonds, influential qualities, and potential energies that make us Northwoods Church.

Culture Matters

May 20, 2018

Northwoods is fiercely committed to the authority of God’s Word, and we’re also desperately dependent upon the guidance and gifting of the Holy Spirit. A beautiful blend is happening as we trust the Word and the Spirit. Read More

Checking Your Pulse

May 6, 2018

Our pulse tells us how our heart is beating, and when we have God’s pulse we live with an evangelistic heartbeat. From day one, Northwoods has been about reaching people who are far from God. Methods may change, but our heartbeat for reaching broken-world people must never change. Read More