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Since the dawn of man, humans have organized themselves into tribes—groups bound together by common passions, purposes and pursuits. We all have a deep-rooted desire to find our people and our place among them. Throughout Scripture, however, God calls His followers to be a tribe unlike any other—one with a decidedly outward, not inward, focus. Let’s explore why this is and how to live it out in our corner of the world at this moment in history.

Connect with Others

March 11, 2018

God placed us in the context of a local church for beneficial reasons. In fact, there are certain things in life that come to us through other people that will come in no other way! Read More

Walk with God

March 4, 2018

Jesus calls for us to get started with him, to trust him as Savior. But that is just the beginning! He wants to walk with us in all of his fullness and power. We can know also know him as the Healer who binds up the broken-hearted, the Deliverer who ...Read More