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Demonstrating Sl Character

Maintaining SL Confidence

June 28, 2014

When you step out to influence people or affect change, you are putting your head and your heart on the chopping block. You will face criticism and opposition. You will lose heart and want to give up. But that is not God’s way. Find and keep your heart, voice, ...Read More

Demonstrating Sl Character

Demonstrating SL Character

June 21, 2014

God never asks us to compromise our character to reach our goals. Doing so only demonstrates that we are not fully trusting Him for the desired outcomes. Seeing through the SL lens will keep our character intact when faced we’re with challenges. Read More

Demonstrating Sl Character

Utilizing Your SL Compass

June 7, 2014

This foundational message challenges us to see beyond mere appearances and to get God’s view on a situation-before we respond through our “natural” leadership lens. Learn a 4-step model for moving from a natural response toward God’s supernatural perspective-so that we reflect His insight and heart. Read More