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Ur A Temple

UR a Pillar

April 9, 2017

Where people argue that there is no such thing as absolute truth, where relativism reigns and anything goes, there it is vital that the Church stand as a pillar, declaring the truth. When churches and believers compromise God’s truth, we lose our power and authority to be conduits of ...Read More

Ur A Temple

UR a Light

April 2, 2017

Light is only good if it shines. Jesus told us to let our lights shine so all the world may see! It’s who we are, it’s what we do, and it’s awesome! Read More

Ur A Temple

UR a Temple

March 19, 2017

The Bible states that we are temples of the living God! We actually house in our bodies, through the person of the Holy Spirit, the very person of God. God longs for each of our lives to reflect the presence of the One we host. Read More

Ur A Temple

UR a Gateway

March 12, 2017

Any place God shows up is awesome, but he always needs a touchpoint for his activity—and guess who he uses for that? We are the gateways on the earth for heaven’s activity. Read More