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Developing A Breakthrough Faith

Trusting a Breakthrough God

January 26, 2013

he truth of God will never fail us. The divine order for becoming a child of God is believe + receive = become! We don’t try to become what we could never become on our own. We believe what God did for us, we receive his Son Jesus Christ, and then ...Read More

Developing A Breakthrough Faith

Living a Breakthrough Lifestyle

January 19, 2013

Each of us, through adapting a lifestyle of obedience and generosity, cannot only set ourselves up to live in the flow of God’s abundance, but can be used of God to help our church move to new levels. Read More

Developing A Breakthrough Faith

Cultivating a Breakthrough Mindset

January 12, 2013

There comes a time when, in order to see the breakthrough we long for, we must go from talking to God about our mountain, and start talking to the mountain about our God. Read More

Developing A Breakthrough Faith

Developing a Breakthrough Faith

January 5, 2013

Faith is not just comprised of beliefs we hold in our head; it’s also actions we take with our lives because of what we believe. Read More