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Dynamic Promises for Desperate Times

When You Need Provision

When You Need Provision

July 31, 2016

God promised that He would provide everything we need. While the world will tell us that we need more and more, God will show us how to live with what He provides. Out of such places of dependence emerge lives of true generosity! Read More

When You Need Provision

When You Need Strength

July 24, 2016

One would not think that languishing in prison is the path to building strength, yet from there Paul conveyed God’s promise to give us strength: strength to stay content, strength to walk in joy, and strength in spite of difficulty. Read More

When You Need Provision

When You Need Peace

July 17, 2016

Dont worry about anything and pray about everything, Paul said. Sometimes the simplest principles can reveal the most profound promises. Find peace and protection as life whirls around you when you settle into a lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise. Read More

When You Need Provision

When You Need Encouragement

July 10, 2016

Joy. Encouragement. Peace. Strength. Provision. Contentment. Really? Paul is under house arrest in Rome. He has been beaten, shipwrecked, chased out of town, imprisoned, etc.  His circumstances wouldn’t make us think of such things as joy, encouragement, peace, strength, provision/contentment. But God has promised that even when we ...Read More