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High Praise

The Sound Of Our Praise

The Sound of Our Praise

November 20, 2022

There are numerous ways we can praise the Lord, but the Bible makes it clear that one of those ways is by lifting our voices to sing and even shout! Let’s unpack several words that encourage us to give full voice to our praise. Read More

The Posture Of Our Praise

The Posture of Our Praise

November 13, 2022

Lifting hands, kneeling, even dancing—there are many ways people express their praise. Let’s uncover what the Bible teaches about our physical expressions of praise. Read More

The Reason For Our Praise

The Reason for Our Praise

November 6, 2022

Singing is a common expression of worship and praise. But is it just a tradition that has been passed down? Let’s learn why we sing to the Lord. Read More