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It's Your Choice

Future Choices

Faith Choices

February 1, 2015

Everything in our lives revolves around the hub of a vibrant relationship with the Lord when you choose to follow him. Read More

Future Choices

Financial Choices

January 18, 2015

Small choices can initiate big changes in our financial health, especially in terms of developing a Kingdom first mindset. Read More

Future Choices

Friendship Choices

Our friendships either inspire us or mire us! It’s our responsibility to choose relationships prayerfully and carefully. Read More

Future Choices

Fitness Choices

January 11, 2015

Physical fitness is essential to being able to fulfill all that God has planned for us. However, soul health and true health is first of all an inside job. Read More

Future Choices

Future Choices

January 3, 2015

We have to begin with the end in mind, or we risk making choices that will set us up for misery. Read More