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Jesus sent important personal tweets to people in his day to help them understand the heart of God for them. Join us as you may just find your story overlapping with the people in Jesus’s day and finding His timeless tweets to be just what you need today! Tweet Your Insights!

Good Friday Service

@MtOlivesCrowd “what you did for the least, you did for me&” #INotice

September 21, 2013

You may not feel like you have a lot to contribute, but whatever you do it will make a difference. God’s calculations are different than ours, and He notices when we do what we can to care for others. It’s not how much we do but rather that ...Read More

Good Friday Service

@Demoniac “I stopped a storm for you” #BeFree

September 14, 2013

If there’s a storm keeping you from an assignment of God, you have all the authority you need to calm the storm. Why were the disciples worried about the storm on the Sea of Galilee? Jesus had already told them they needed going to cross, but they didn’t ...Read More

Good Friday Service

@Zacc “come down. Let’s hang out.” #DoLunch?

September 7, 2013

Zaccheus felt condemned in his heart, and he was surprised to learn that Jesus knew his name and wanted to spend time with him. Would you be surprised to know that Jesus will meet you where you are and just hang out with you? Join us as we explore this ...Read More

@Nehemiah “Swords and Cinderblocks” #EpicLife

September 1, 2013

We all have the desire to live an epic life – to know that we’ve done something meaningful and lasting with our brief time here on earth, but it seems so many of us just float through life, never really doing anything epic. Nehemiah was different. He did something epic ...Read More

Good Friday Service

@FestivalGoers “come to me and drink” #UWillOverflow

August 31, 2013

Joy is one of the hallmarks of the life of a Christ-follower, and we’ve invited Gospel star Mandisa to help us fill the place with joy! We’re inviting the entire community to join us as we unveil the Peoria Campus updates brought about by The 15:8 Project, including the ...Read More

Good Friday Service

@NichAtNight “you must be born again” #FollowMe

August 24, 2013

What God wants to show us in our lives doesn’t happen automatically. We have say “Yes!” to Him, and then He starts to work in and through us. Jesus is clear about the need to follow Him and be born again in order to receive all that God has ...Read More

Good Friday Service

@ImmoralLady “neither do I condemn you” #URMasterpiece

August 17, 2013

You will never meet someone who is not a great idea in God’s eyes. The enemy will always use condemnation to try to separate you from the God who loves you-but your value to the Father is not affected by the devil’s lies. Read More