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Pure Desire

Finding Freedom From Dangerous Desire

Finding Freedom from Dangerous Desire

February 13, 2016

Gaining freedom from the addictive cycle of sexual sin take much more than just hard work! Unless we uncover and find healing for the inner issues at the root of our struggles, we will have a difficult time pursuing pure desire. Read More

Finding Freedom From Dangerous Desire

Keeping Your Marriage Fired Up!

The best safe-guard against dangerous desire is the pursuit of a great marriage. When couples work hard to keep their marriages happy, satisfying and growing, it helps both partners to pursue pure desire! Read More

Finding Freedom From Dangerous Desire

Derailed by Dangerous Desire

February 6, 2016

Follow James Craft’s personal journey from highly successful young pastor, through the revealing of a secret affair and the subsequent crash of his marriage and ministry, to the long and courageous road of restoration and healing. He will help us understand how faithful God is to bring hope and ...Read More