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ReFOCUS: Life Through the Lens of Psalm 23

Enjoying God's Presence

Enjoying God’s Presence

January 28, 2024

Life brings with it many difficulties and discouraging times. But even in the dark times, you have the assurance that not only God’s presence will be with you, but someday you will live in his presence forever. Read More

Knowing God's Protection

Knowing God’s Protection

January 21, 2024

Whether we would like to admit it, we all have enemies. There are enemies of our nation, maybe personal enemies, and spiritual enemies. Regardless, you must keep your focus on the God who protects us! Read More

Walking God's Path

Walking God’s Path

January 14, 2024

Every upcoming year inevitably brings many decisions that must be made. What if you make the wrong choice? Will you miss out on God’s plan? You can find peace and comfort knowing God is your guide and will lead you on the right path! Read More