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Ready Or Not

Ready or Not

July 21, 2024

Remember the game of hide-and-seek? Before starting, the seeker would always say, “Ready or not here I come!” It taught us to be prepared. In the same way, Jesus urges us to be prepared for his return. Join us as we unpack the certainty of Jesus’ second-coming and learn how ...Read More

Inside The World's Worst Prison

Inside the World’s Worst Prison

July 14, 2024

Prisons have long fascinated us – documentaries, tv shows, movies, and blogs explore their mysteries. But Jesus told a story about a prison that’s worse than any earthly jail, one that doesn’t merely lock up the body, but shackles the heart. Join us as we explore this prison and ...Read More

A Tale Of Two Builders

A Tale of Two Builders

July 7, 2024

Our lives are a continuous building project. Whether you are building a career, a family, financial stability, or a legacy, the foundation upon which we build can make or break us. Join us as we discover the principles of building a rock-solid life that stands the test of time. Read More

The Seed, The Sower, And The Soil

The Seed, the Sower, and the Soil

June 30, 2024

Just as a successful harvest is dependent on fertile soil, spiritual growth is profoundly impacted by the condition of our heart. If the soil of your heart isn’t regularly cared for, spiritual fruit will be lacking. Join us as we reflect on the condition of our hearts and learn ...Read More