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The Whatever Principle

Messages from Northwoods Community Church, Peoria, Illinois.

How To Grow Old Without Growing Stale

June 27, 2010

Growing old is inevitable, but growing stale is optional. So before you put on your plaid shorts, pull up your black socks, and start screaming “Get off my lawn!” at the neighbor kids, you might want to listen to this message. Read More

Remember Me

June 21, 2010

Remember Me (This Is My Body) by Harold Greene This is my body, broken for you, This is my body, broken for you, I heard your cry, I heard your plea, I now I give to you, all of me This is my body, broken for you, This is my ...Read More


June 20, 2010

A special Father’s Day message on forgiving whatever grievances we may have against one another. Read More


June 13, 2010

What are the conditions that must be met before we experience surprising answers to prayer? Listen and learn more about God’s unbelievable prayer promises and his will. Read More

Help Me See Only You

June 7, 2010

Help Me See Only You by Harold Greene You give me life that floods my soul Come fill my heart, and make me whole again Don’t let me take my eyes off you Let me know what I should do When the weight of the world comes down on ...Read More


June 6, 2010

If we want to experience a dynamic life with God, then we can’t allow our minds to think “whatever” we want and expect God’s favor in our lives. Listen to this message as we explore how our thoughts are connected to experiencing God’s peace in our lives. Read More


May 30, 2010

One of the best ways to release the great things God wants to do through our lives is to learn to listen and respond to whatever he tells us to do. This message explores what it means to listen and obey. Read More


May 23, 2010

Understand God’s expansive heart and how willing he is to bless us in whatever we do for him. Read More