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A Song Of Trust (mary's Song)

A Song of Trust (Mary’s Song)

One of the first songs of Christmas came from a lowly teenage girl named Mary. She learned she would become the mother of the Messiah. Can you imagine the questions going through her mind? How? Why me? What impact will this have on my future? Despite the uncertainty, Mary trusted ...Read More
Israel: From A Biblical Perspective

Israel: From a Biblical Perspective

Israel – The very name means different things and elicits a whole host of different feelings from people. With so many thoughts and feelings, how do we separate fact from fiction? Join us as we dig into God’s Word and recapture a fresh biblical perspective on the Holy Land. Read More
Letter To The Lukewarm Church

Letter to the Lukewarm Church

“Dear church, you are neither cold nor hot – you are lukewarm.”Jesus reserved some of the harshest words for the Laodicean church. Could we be defined as lukewarm? If so, how do we break free of spiritual indifference? Come on out as we uncover all that this seventh and final ...Read More