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The Story of Holy Week for Older Families

The story of Holy Week, the week leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection, read from the NLT Bible. Best for families with kids 10 and up.

Speaker Discoveryland Team
Published On March 28, 2021

Also from The Last Supper (Centered On-Demand)

Catch The Vision

Catch the Vision

March 28, 2021

Hear from Pastor Gary Webb about the spiritual significance of this experience for families. Read More

The Story Of Holy Week For Younger Families

The Story of Holy Week for Younger Families

The story of Holy Week, the week leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection, retold from a children’s storybook Bible. Recommended for families with kids 9 and under. Read More

A Last Supper Reenactment

A Last Supper Reenactment

This video tells the story and significance of the Last Supper. Recommended for those who have not yet accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Read More

A Time Of Prayer

A Time of Prayer

Guides you through a prayer to thank God for Jesus and his sacrifice for us, with prayer prompts for you and your kids to pray together. Read More

Leading Through Communion

Leading Through Communion

A short teaching about what Communion means, followed by a pastor leading your family through a time of communion. Recommended for families who have all accepted Christ as their Savior. Read More