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How To Have The Best Year Ever

Gather your friends and family for this special online-only service as Pastor Cal helps us prepare for a great 2016! The old axiom says, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." The truth is that people, businesses, sports teams and even churches are about as lucky as they've chosen to be. That's because luck seldom comes to the unprepared. So when we think about the opportunity we all have for making this next year our best year yet, there are two approaches we can take: 1) We can do nothing and hope that luck will strike; or 2) We can prepare to make 2016 our best year yet! So in this New Year's talk, let's prepare for a fantastic 2016. We will deliver Northwoods right into your home! We will be streaming a service on the internet via the Northwoods Online Campus. Start thinking outside the box about how you might be able to have some friends or neighbors for a New Year's brunch or dessert or something like that while you tune in to Northwoods together!

Speaker Cal Rychener
Published On December 26, 2015